Thank you for visiting my website. It is very likely that you have met me in person and would like to know a little more about who I am and what I can do to help solve your property problems. So I will begin by telling you where and how I got into property.

In the Beginning..

My property journey really began at the tender age of just 16 when I read a book which explained the virtues of being a landlord. For those of you no longer in your teenage years, you may recall that at 16 you have no fear and everything is possible. So at the age of 19 I put an offer in which was accepted and shortly after that I was the proud owner of a 2 bed house in Bedford which I renovated and rented out. After that I bought properties in Milton Keynes which I rent by the room and also a few more in Hull. I should point out at this stage I used to live in Hull as a child but moved down to Bedfordshire in my later years.

In 2012 we (that’s me and my beautiful wife) moved to Cornwall and in addition to our new home bought a 4 star holiday let which is just a short walk from the Beach with beautiful sea views (so if you would like to book a holiday in Cornwall please do get in touch).

In terms of education over the years I have invested well in excess of £30,000 on property related education, attending a wide range of courses and reading a multitude of books on the subject. I even trained as a mortgage broker (although I do not work as one sorry). As a result of this knowledge and my experience in both buying properties and raising finance I am well placed to solve almost any property problem. So if you have a property that you are trying to sell or need a fast sale please do get in touch with me and once I understand your situation I will be able to discuss the best options for you.

Professional Bodies / Organisations & Networks

As you would expect from someone who has been involved with property for over 16 years and who’s multi-million pound property portfolio span’s almost the length and width of England (a cool claim eh? I couldn’t help but put that in there) I have naturally built up a rich network of friends who are also experienced in differing facets of the property business. This means that in the unlikely event that I am unable to help solve your property problem I can very quickly identify alternative solutions simply by picking up the phone.

I am a part of a large network of problem solving property investors. I am also a member of both the RLA (Residential Landlords Association) and the NLA (National Landlords Association) and I attend regular meetings / seminars & training courses to keep my skills and knowledge up to date.

What Properties Will I Buy?

In terms of what properties I buy, I really will consider anything from a studio flat up to a block of flats, from a 1 bed cluster home through to a mansion (actually I have never bought a mansion but I would love to take a look).

What Condition Properties do I buy?

I consider properties in any condition, even if your property is not mortgage-able due to being in a bad state of repair I am interested in taking a look. Refurbishing properties is something I really enjoy doing. If you are interested in seeing an example of our most recent refurbishment project keep an eye out for photos that will be soon be posted on this site.

Plumbing, Repairs & Property Maintenance Services

As you can imagine over the 20+ years I have been buying property I have amassed a large amount of experience doing numerous renovations and repairs and am now happy to offer my expertise to you. So if you have a leaky tap that you need fixing or want a whole bathroom refitted or even have an entire house you would like renovating give me a call on 07771 995044 to find out how I can help.

In addition to being able to undertake the works you require I will often be able to suggest alternative often more cost effective solutions, and depending on what type of property you are renovating will advise accordingly. I am an expert at making things robust and ready for tenant abuse, I can also offer lots of good tips to help your holiday lets stay looking new for longer.